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Safe Routes to Schools provides logistical support to SchoolPool Marin. The following is a description and link to the guides and resources available on the Safe Routes to Schools website.

Link to SR2S website and  Neighborhood Captain's Guide link to SR2S website and SchoolPool Guide

SchoolPool Guide

The SchoolPool Guide outlines the steps necessary to set up a Neighborhood SchoolPool Network. The Guide is meant to be applicable to any Bay Area school; however, for Marin schools, the process is facilitated by TAM through the Safe Routes to Schools program, along with the support of its schools and volunteers.


Neighborhood Captain’s Guide

The Neighborhood Captain is responsible for organizing SchoolPools within their own neighborhoods. They will use the lists generated through the SchoolPool website to contact families and offer assistance in organizing SchoolPools. The Neighborhood Captain’s Guide provides several tips and best practices to get started:

SchoolPool Promotion

In order to increase the success of SchoolPool, it is important that it be promoted in a variety of ways. The Safe Routes to Schools website includes a variety of tips and methods to promote SchoolPool at your school, including making registration easy and clear, advertising the program through flyers, banners, school newsletters, and press releases.


Tool and Resources

This is a list of downloadable resources for use by participating schools and program volunteers. Among other things, it includes a sample SchoolPool Agreement Form, tip sheets, and a volunteer job descriptions.