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How to Get Started


walking, biking, scooting and carpooling to school

Start a Program at Your School

A SchoolPool program brings together families living in the same neighborhood interested in sharing the responsibilities duties of getting their children to and from school. The first step to initiating a program at your school is to get approval from the school administration. Next, you want to solicit responses from people who might be interested. You can do so by sending out a form (coming for the 2017–18 school year) to the parents in your school. A good way to maximize responses is to include it in your school’s back to school package. If that is not possible, then have your principal send it out and work with them to promote the program.

Find the Neighborhood Map for Your School

If available, be sure to include a neighborhood map to help parents identify their home in the context of their neighborhood. Go to MAPS and select your school from the pull-down menu. If your school is not listed, it means that your school has not yet participated in the Neighborhood SchoolPool program. Please check with if you would like to get a map created for your school.

Identify Matches

Once you receive responses to your survey sort them by neighborhood, this will help identify matches within neighborhoods. Send out the match information to the parents in each neighborhood.  Ask them to let you know if they are able to form a SchoolPool with matches in their neighborhood. You can also make follow up phone calls to assist people in forming a SchoolPool. If there are any people who do not have matches in their neighborhood you can include them in an adjoining neighborhood match list.

Neighborhood Captains

Neighborhood captains are a great way to increase participation through program facilitation. Reach out to people who indicated an interest in becoming a neighborhood captain on their surveys. The Neighborhood Captain is responsible for contacting families within their neighborhood to help organize SchoolPools

For more information please review the Neighborhood Captain’s Guide.

Other Questions?

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